Xtreme NO Supplements For Muscle Growth


I know you are anxious to learn how Nitric Oxide can help you put on mass fast. I want you to imagine the size of the pecs and triceps that could help you bench press 300 or 400 pounds. What would happen if you rush to get there? Injury of course. You get laid off for a few weeks and a few months watching your hard-gained muscles disappear.

Muscles respond to slow, heavy reps and high volume.

Supplements could help, but they cannot replace hard work. In some cases, supplements may have damaged your organs in ways you cannot even imagine but you can see your muscle mass go away fast because your liver and kidneys cannot process toxins.

Relax, sit back and learn about Nitric Oxide which became “Molecule of the Year” back in 1992, and the research that led to the 1998 Nobel Prize for discovering the role of nitric oxide as a cardiovascular signaling molecule.

Two major ways nitric oxide helps you put on mass?

Faster Muscle Recovery Between Workouts

There is no way around heavy workouts to put on mass. The fatigue caused by heavy workouts could keep you away from the gym.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator which means it relaxes your blood vessels and allows more blood to flow through. Better blood circulation provides more nutrients to your cells and removes the toxins left behind by exercise. Together, more nutrients and fewer toxins help you recover faster.

Will your recovery improve without nutrients that come from your meals especially your post-workout meal or shake?

Of course not. You can dilate your blood vessels all you want, without nutrients in your body, dilated blood vessels are like an empty stadium with no players.

Less Fatigue During Workout

During heavy muscle-building resistance training temporary fatigue may keep you from that sweet, painful, vein-popping, muscle shredding last reps in the last set. The same system that allows you to recover fast between workout sessions, helps you during your workouts. Dilated blood vessels carry energizing oxygen and remove painful lactic acid. Once again, if you don’t have enough energy to burn, oxygen cannot help.

Nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels and allows easier transportation of oxygen and nutrients and the removal of workout by-products like lactic acid.

How does L-arginine in Xtreme NO enter the picture?

L-arginine is a precursor for Nitric Oxide. Like every chemical in your body, L-arginine has other functions besides making NO. One of the other functions of L-arginine is increased muscle cell access to glucose. Without glucose, you cannot move your muscles, period.

In some studies, L-arginine has been linked to increasing in nonesterified fatty acid concentration which signals more efficient burning of fat at fuel. The more fat you burn, the more ripped you become. I love that words like shredded and ripped. Getting big is one thing, getting shredded is just another world.

Perpetual Release & Pump

Xtreme NO reviews focus on perpetual release and pump. A pump in its simplest form happens when your muscles are gorged in blood. Assuming that your body has over time built enough nutrient-rich blood volume, a continuous release of NO helps you retain the pump longer and the feeling that comes with it. The mechanism is the same as before – vasodilation.

What are the ingredients?

In taking any supplements, you want to make sure that you are not messing with the natural functions of your body. Xtreme NO has L-arginine which is a natural amino acid along with dicalcium phosphate, L citrulline, and vitamin B. There is no artificial junk, stimulants or sugar added. Just pure natural stuff.

Where Should You Buy Xtreme NO?

First off this product is only sold online. When you buy it directly from the official website, you get a special offer which is A FREE BOTTLE with selected purchases and you also get a FREE MEMBERSHIP into an online fitness and muscle building program to help you focus your workouts for maximum results fast.