Old School Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of the most disciplined sports that requires a delicate dynamic balance in the application of sports psychology in motivation, nutrition, and resistance training. The shredded bodies you see on stage are no accident and do not happen overnight. It takes heart and a disciplined mind to track every step to climb that mountain. Other sports may give you some slack if you have too much sodium or don’t get the balance of your carbs right. Not bodybuilding especially at competitive levels.

Before you spend your hard-earned dollars on body-building supplements and do it home program, take a step back and see if you have the heart for it. Can you emotionally afford a slow process that by its nature requires continuous learning and fine-tuning?

Do you have the patience and an iron will to plan and show up at the gym, rain or shine, depressed or happy? Or are you the type of a person who gives up at the drop of a hat or someone who wants to show off huge arms to impress his girlfriend. Girlfriends are nice and soft; they are understanding and forgiving. Barbells and dumbbells are not. If you need motivation, keep others out of it and reach inside your heart to the place true strength lives.

You need this strength to sculpt the body most dream of. This strength does not come in bottles and jars. It comes from your spirit. You do have it. The question is if you are ready to reach it.